Votes closed: The winners are announced



The nominees:

Our jury had divided the submitted proposals into two categories. For detailed information on the nominated products and the jury’s reasoning for their nominations, please click the underlined names of the products.


Category 1: Products that harm consumers and investors

2nd place: Credit cards with extremely high interest rates (22.4% of the votes)

3rd place: Foreign currency loans payable upon final maturity (21.2% of the votes)

4th place: Reverse convertible bonds (9.6% of the votes)


Category 2: Products that harm the environment, the global poor and or third parties

2nd place: Extraction of Oil Sands: RBS Sands TR Equity Index Certificate (13.3% of the votes)

3rd place: Extraction of Uranium: DWS Go Uranium Exploration Index Certificate (11.7% of the votes)

4th place: Gold & Silver: Solit 2 Gold & Silber GmbH & Co KG (3.6% of the votes)


A more detailed summary of the votes and comments by the participants can be found here